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Amanda  runs the Healing Temple a unique place of meditation, shamanic healing, reiki, sound therapy , mun-ay-ki , drumming, full moon ceremony and workshops in west sussex


About Amanda as Healer ,  Leader of Ceremony and Sacred Storyteller.
“I work form the heart and endeavour to assist others in gently awakening their own hearts, releasing emotional pain to restore balance and the understanding of their unique gifts. I have been blessed to train from a teenager with many during my life,including the NFSH, Phillipa Pullar, Matthew Manning , Leo Rutherford, Natalya O Sullivan, Goddess of the Grove, Serge kahill, Barbara Brennan, Denise Linn. I am a certified transcadence therapist and reiki master. I am an instinctual healer and have developed my own way of working using different techniques including sound and shamanism to help work with the  release  of anger, hurt, fear and denial.

For over thirty years I have studied the shamanic and medicine women’s way, assisting on vision quests and with women’s groups and leading full moon ceremonies in Scotland, Dorset, London and West Sussex.

In 1994 I set up the Healing Lodge in West London and it was always a joy to see the transformation and understanding that came to so many who sought to strengthen their ability to self heal.

Now having moved to west sussex I am delighted to have established the Healing Temple.

As a sacred storyteller my fascination with the Native American Culture led me to adapt, direct and perform in The Education of Little Tree, the story of a Cherokee childhood. I was then invited to make a documentary for radio 4 to interview members of the Cherokee nation. I have performed my medicine stories and spirit songs around the world embracing the spirit of Nature, life and love. I am currently training in the celtic Bardic tradition, there is always so much to learn and explore and I am so grateful to those alive and in spirit who have and continue to inspire me.

Should you wish to book a private healing session or workshop or ceremony for your community please email for more information and prices.


Experience beautiful, unique heart opening healings , drumming and ceremony in lovely surroundings led by AMANDA WARING and co facilitators in west sussex .


Heart of care end of life workshop in fittleworth june 5th. 10.30 – 4.30

Full moon drumming on     June 13th  7 pm .

Cacao ceremony in august, / sep tbc

For details contact amanda  07970027744 or email mail @