This powerful short film by Amanda Waring takes a journey through a day in the life and a life in the day of stroke victim Elsie (played by Virginia Mckenna). Elsie craves compassion and understanding of the person she is inside, rather than the useless "carcass" she may appear on the outside. Elsie makes a silent but heartfelt plea for her carers to "look" AMANDA WARING SAYS 
"Thank you for your interest in my award winning awareness raising film WHAT DO YOU SEE? This film has been acknowledged as one of the most valuable tools to highlight dignity and respect fort the elderly. For me the importance of honoring and having respect for older people inspired me to make this film. My film has been used around the world to re-enforce person centered care and the expectation of treating others as you would wish to be treated no matter what age, race, colour, creed or disability. I sold my flat in order to make this film as it was too important not to be made.

What do you See

Amanda Waring © 2014

I was driven to make this film by the personal experiences of my mother, Dorothy Tutin, when she was treated for leukemia. I witnessed the devastating effect that the lack of compassionate, person centered care had on her mind body and spirit. ...and I was to witness many moments when she and other older patients were treated rudely and with a lack of respect.

Fortunately when she was moved to another hospital where the staff were friendly and communicative I was able to watch her spirits and health improve. I do not believe that the staff in that first hospital were being deliberately cruel- simply that communication and interaction skills were not seen as an important part of helping a patient' recovery. The film has been made in the memory of my mother and I hope you can use the film to ensure a kinder and more compassionate future for us all."

Director Amanda Waring joins a panel of experts to discuss her short film "What Do You See?" and the issues surrounding care for the elderly.

An extract from Amanda Waring's powerful award-winning short film, "What Do You See? starring Virginia McKenna.