The Big Adventure

Amanda Waring © 2014

The Big Adventure

"To die must be an awfully big adventure" (peter pan)

Writer and director AMANDA WARING
Cinematographer BEN COLE
Amanda Waring asks in this film- ' Can we change the concept of the morbidity of death and instead celebrate the transformational aspects of one's passing"

The Big Adventure will inspire the audience to look at the totality of one's existence, to share experiences and to appreciate the sacredness of working with the dying. We realize the value of the "birth" companion but surely the 'Death" "companion's role is just as vital. The interaction between the carer and the person who is dying can have a profound effect on them both and this film will explore these areas too. Many carers feel ill equipped spiritually to talk about death and there's little provision or time allowed for discussion of their experiences. All too often death is sanitised, and brushed under the carpet, we have become used to believing that we have to shield each other from the idea of death, a cultural shift is needed to realize that death is something we can help each other through rather than protect each other from.

The film will be uplifting, moving, heartfelt and compelling viewing asking the audience to explore for themselves this amazing , mysterious and spiritual journey,
"The Big Adventure" that we will all one day experience.

This film will look at end of life care in Britain and society's attitude to death and dying. This short but powerfully engaging film aims through interviews, poetry, music and humour to stimulate debate and to provide a varied selection of concepts, beliefs and experiences around this seemingly taboo subject.