'Home' is the follow up film to Amanda Waring's award winning film "What Do You See" and again features Virginia Mckenna playing the role of Elsie. When Elsie arrives at her new home, her life will change forever. The film looks at Elsie's arrival in her new Care Home as she struggles with the transition of leaving her own home whilst experiencing the effects of mild dementia. This powerfully poignant short film addresses the sensitive issue of transitions into care homes and how we can understand and support the emotional journey of an older person during this time. For more information on the campaigning work Amanda carries out in relation to Dignity in Care please visit her website www.amandawaring.com. There you will also find details about her training programmes for carers and other workshops.


Amanda Waring © 2014

An extract from Amanda Waring's short film "Home", starring Virginia McKenna. Home is a prequel to the award winning film, "What Do You See" and looks at transitions into care settings.