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Amanda has written short stories and poetry which have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies as well as being performed in drama schools.

She has written the theatre revues  The Gift of Christmas, Life, Love and laughter, The Business Revue, Funny Valentines, The Twentieth Century Revue, Home is where the Heart is, The Spirit of Nature and Now We Are Sixty for her theatre company and these entertainments of words and music have toured the world starring Virginia Mckenna and Dorothy Tutin

She adapted The Education of Little Tree for the stage with performances in the uk and the usa.

She is regularly asked to write articles on her campaigning work for improving Elder Care and in 2012 her Book the HEART OF CARE was published.

Customer Reviews
Essential reading for all who care, 13 July 2012 - By
J. A. Finnerty (oxford)
In a world where we are being challenged daily by the seeming lack of compassion and kindly care in all walks of life this book is an oasis of experiences and ideas about how we get the humanity back into caring.
Amanda Waring's heartfelt accounts, based on her own dedication to older peoples dignity in care covers everything from dealing with moving into care from home and hospital discharge to fresh ideas about person-centered care. Kindly compassionate care homes where dementia is dealt with in creative and active ways ensuring emotional well being and calm.

Everyone involved with care formally and informally need to look at and question their own approaches and attitudes to help them become a better carer. Keeping motivated and empathetic isn't easy when you are exhausted and Amanda suggests practical ways to cope.

Essential reading for all who advise, care for and are being cared for regardless of age and disability. Care with dignity and respect are a right for all vulnerable people in our civilised society and this is what the book promotes. Every care setting should have a copy on hand

Customer Reviews
Care Book, 26 Nov 2013 -
By lindylou
A very good read, would recommend this to anyone that is in care, and would like to promote DIGNITY in there work.

Customer Reviews
Dignity, 17 March 2014-
By Lynn Spires
The book "The Heart of Care" is a good book to use to explore the meaning of dignity and how to embed dignity into care practice. I am a trainer who delivers Dignity training on behalf of a local authority and I use Amanda Waring's DVDs as part of this. This book complements those tools and has given me some good ideas for activities to raise awareness about Dignity with the people who attend my training. Amanda Waring is passionate about promoting Dignity as I am and therefore I have found her book encouraging and a delight.

Customer Reviews
From the Heart, 6 March 2013-
By F Young
I cried all the way through the book !!! Great read for anyone who cares for the elderly !!! highly recommended !!!!